Why is the virus roaring this summer?

So, what’s going on in the skies lately? Why is the virus roaring this summer? How come the summer of 2020 was more quiet in terms of covid-activity in comparison with the summer of 2021? We know so much more than a year ago and look where we are? What do the planets have to … Read more

Britney’s remarkable transits on the day of her trial

On 23 June Britney’s trial came on. A new chance to testify to get out from her father’s conservativeship. Ever since 2008, after Britney’s breakdown, he’s been controlling everything his 39 year old daughter does and owns. Britney’s birth chart During one of the Mystery Classes last year we analysed Britney Spears’ chart (below). It … Read more

We have 3 Saturn Uranus squares in 2021

Timing of this transit We are now in the second transit of Saturn square Uranus. It will be exact on 15 June in Europe and felt throughout the year. 18.02.21 (felt from 6 Feb – 4 Mar ~ 1 month) 15.06.21 (felt from 2 Jun – 27 June ~ 3,5 weeks) 24.12.21 (felt from 16 … Read more

Human Design: successor of Astrology?

During the lockdown period my interest in Human Design fanned the flame. Human Design found its origin in the late eighties as a fairly recent pseudoscience combining astrology (using birth data in a similar way), I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakras. It was developed by Ra Uru Hu, aka Alan (Robert) Krakower, a Canadian media … Read more

Aries Season | 20.03 – 19.04

Ardent Aries, let’s welcome your season, the organic first of a brand new year. In spring we bring to life what has died or what has disintegrated during Pisces season. The natural cycle of death, birth and rebirth is reignited through you. The old has transcended into something new. It starts from what looks like … Read more

Pisces Season | 19.02 – 20.03

Precious Pisces, with your star sign we have arrived at the end of the zodiac cycle – only to rebegin. With you, the evolution of awareness from the Aries Ego over the Libra Other to the Pisces Collective is complete. Selfless, compassionate, tolerant, kind, peaceful, dreamy, bohemian, romantic, soft, artistic, altruistic, gentle, creative, visionary, sympathetic, … Read more

Aquarius Season | 20.01 – 18.02

Dear ‘queer’ Aquarius, as you are sometimes called. As ‘eccentric’, ‘unconventional’ or ‘different’ you may be in either looks, behaviour or thoughts, you sure are a loyal friend who always wants to connect with other people, soulmates preferably. You love groups and associations, yet often feel ‘the odd one out’. It’s hard to want to … Read more

Capricorn Season | 22.01 – 19.01

Hail conscientious Capricorn! You are the last earth sign, after Taurus and Virgo, making you the queen architect of societal structures. Practical as shit, productive as shit and efficient as shit when you need to. Hard working, persevering, ambitious and a true workaholic in most cases, you make plans only to execute them. You are … Read more

Sag Season | 22.11 – 21.12

Even the entire globe is too small a stage for you, adventurous Sag! With your purposeful arrow you aim for the Moon, reach for the stars and land somewhere beyond the galaxy. Your brave and tameless soul illustrates how infinite your dreams and possibilities are. Even the sky is not the limit. Optimistic Sagittarius is … Read more

Scorpio Season | 22.10 – 21.11

With Scorpio, we deep dive into the river Stix, to cleanse our souls from all toxins and redeem old skins for new ones. Stingy Scorpio is the second water sign after Sensitive Cancer. On the surface, Scorpio may look like the most rational of all water signs. But Scorpio’s inner waters are intense, tumultuous and … Read more