Britney’s remarkable transits on the day of her trial

On 23 June Britney’s trial came on. A new chance to testify to get out from her father’s conservativeship. Ever since 2008, after Britney’s breakdown, he’s been controlling everything his 39 year old daughter does and owns.

Britney’s birth chart

During one of the Mystery Classes last year we analysed Britney Spears’ chart (below). It was already clear then from her natal chart that she is a talented performer (Sun and Mercury in Sag in house 3) and a sweet people pleasing person (Libra Asc) who will work very hard (4 planets in Sag, Mars in Virgo). We also talked about her Moon in Aqua: she càn say no. There ís a rebel in her. But she’s having trouble expressing this with her kind and peaceful Libra Ascendant. She hates fights.

We also noticed that her natal MC (career) is in Cancer (related to family, family business) and that Saturn (the father) is in her first house (identity, her personality), conjunct Pluto (power, abuse). She needs to take back the reigns or she will be overpowered by … that’s right, her father.

Britney's birth chart
Britney’s birth chart

Saturn (father, law, confinement) is inconjunct Chiron, displaying her deepest wound. In brief: she will have to use the rules of the system (Saturn) to liberate herself and stand up to her father. That won’t go easy (inconjunct). But she will be able to use this experience to heal others being held against their will (Chiron).

Britney’s transits

Astrologically, the time to fight her confinement was never better. I was so curious to see if we could find this in the transits and oh my god! YES!

So what’s going on? Look at the chart in the picture below: the inner green planets represent Britney’s natal chart, the outer green planets their current position in the sky on 23 June.

Britney’s birth chart with transits


  1. On this exact day, transit Sun (= Britney) is conjunct natal MC (career, legacy, reputation): she showed herself (Sun) from home (MC in Cancer), bringing the truth out in public about her personal family situation (Cancer).
  2. If we look further, we look at the sign on the MC, which is Cancer. The Moon rules Cancer. Transit Saturn (restrictions and … the father) is conjunct her natal Moon (safety, emotions) in the domain of self-expression, leisure time (house 5). Her emotional freedom of expression is ruled by her dad. Need I say more?
  3. You would think it ends here, but the Moon has been waxing, highlighting all her Sag planets, including natal Sun from 22-24 June culminating into a Full Moon (a climax, pinnacle), that will form an opposition with her MC. Her insecurities (Moon) don’t work well with her MC (career).
  4. On top of that, transit Pluto (power) is still conjunct Venus (love, harmony, relationships): she needs to step into her power with regards to relationships in the home and the family (house 4). Like, omg!
  5. Finally, transit Neptune (loss, sacrifice) in house 6 opposes natal Mars (motivation) in house 12: she is trying to dispose of (Neptune) her subservient duty and rules on a daily basis (house 6), to find the motivation (Mars) to live a free and secluded life (house 12).
  6. Transit MC (career, reputation) was conjunct her North Node (life and soul direction to grow into) in Cancer (family, home) so this is definitely karmic!

Now how about that! Isn’t astrology just yummy!


Picture credit: Stephan Lavoie (Creative Commens)