We have 3 Saturn Uranus squares in 2021

Timing of this transit

We are now in the second transit of Saturn square Uranus. It will be exact on 15 June in Europe and felt throughout the year.

  • 18.02.21 (felt from 6 Feb – 4 Mar ~ 1 month)
  • 15.06.21 (felt from 2 Jun – 27 June ~ 3,5 weeks)
  • 24.12.21 (felt from 16 Dec – 1 Jan ~ two weeks)



The wise master, bringing structure, order, rules, discipline. Holds on to the past, institutions, the government, society, authority.


Combines planet energies in a start stop motion. Brings tension and friction to actively seek constructive solutions.


The rebel, bringing revolution, change, unexpected events. All in for humanity, freedom, innovation, equality, the future.


About this transit

At the start of 2021 the Saturn (Aqua) Uranus (Taurus) square set the tone. It affects the entire year, returning 3 times:

  • mid February
  • mid June
  • end of December

The June and December squares are milder than the February one.

In June Saturn is retrograde. In December Uranus is. The retrograde slows down the giants’ powers, turning inward. It makes them somewhat less powerful than in February when they were both direct and equally strong.

In June Uranus, the renegade will be stronger. In December Saturn, the contractor will be stronger. Structures will still have to come down first, before taking new shape.


From my webinar: Het Waterman Tijdperk (in Dutch)


Who feels this

Fixed signs especially

Taurus + Leo +  Scorpio + Aquarius


Think back on where you were on 18 February during the first square. Thumbing through journals or calendars can help your recollection.


How it plays out

Saturn is called a social planet. Uranus is a generational planet. Their energies have more impact in the societal field and on the collective level than on an individual level.

The square creates an unbearable tension. We feel an urge to break free. We have a strong need to ditch the old and step up for the new. New places are beckoning.

  • economic upheaval (failing systems: politics, taxes, social benefits, …)
  • protests against authority (civil unrest, demonstrations, riots,…)
  • fighting for freedom (to make our own decisions)
  • worldwide destabilisation (covid, shifting world powers)
  • fighting for equality (#blm, #lgbtq+, …)
  • sudden unexpected world events (bitcoin crash, pollution, …)
  • climate disasters (rains, fires, earthquakes, sinking holes, ice melting, …)
  • collisions, crashes, fractures (planes, ships, sport athletes)

Squares make sure we won’t just sit and wait till this is over. They require us to take responsibility when we are stuck. They demand we take action and create openings towards where we really want to arrive. We therefore need to walk new trails in new shoes with a totally new matching outfit.


Why three times

We are still breaking down old political and economic institutions, fighting corrupt power systems and tearing down inept patterns of the establishment.

Astrological transits often come in waves of three. The universe offers time to start, revise and complete the action called on by this square transit.

Change and shifts in consciousness don’t happen overnight. They take years and years. They need thorough sweeping and a methodical approach. Good things take time.


What will it bring

Unavoidable change. The square will be felt in the upcoming weeks.

We are in a transition period learning to speak our own liberating truths versus obeying those of the patronising government that ‘knows what’s best for us’.

You can’t make an omelet without breaking the eggs. In the same vain, we need to strip the old-dated to come up with a humane progressive future.

With Pluto entering Aquarius in 2024, we can finally start constructing new systems, stone by stone, pillar by pillar.


Tarot card: the Tower

The card that best fits this Saturn Uranus square energy is the Tower. It ‘s motto is: shattering the structure. We need cataclysmic change, radical shifts, patterns, thoughts and ways of living.

Take time to appreciate the difficulties facing us. We won’t get a chance to devise new systems every day. And this is just the beginning.

So ask yourself: what should these new systems look like? On a a bigger plan, nut also in your personal life? What beneficial new patterns can you invite in?

Tarot card from the Art Nouveau deck by Matt Hughes


What’s more

Eclipse season was on the way with a full moon eclipse on 26 May and a sun eclipse on 10 June. So cut yourself some slack. As long as Mercury is retrograde, we do not have all the necessary information to decide.

It’s a good time to reflect though and take immediate action from 23 June onwards. We will still feel the square’s impact. So, excellent timing.


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