Adara astrology in English

Hi there

and welcome to the English pages of the Adara website. I was in desparate need of those to meet your astrological needs, my non-Dutch reading astro fans.

So, here we are. What can I do for you?

Let me know. This is what I have on offer for you.

Starry love


Every year Adara organises a magical Astro Spring Retreat, a full immersive Basic Astrology Course weekend in Ireland. We are flying from 5 to 7 March 2021. That is, if Covid-19 isn’t still around. If the virus is preventing us to go, the course will be taught online on 5 weekday evenings.

Online is how I have been teaching the Dutch version of this beginner’s course since March 2020. And I must admit. It works far better than I imagined. It is always fun.

The online dates are already announced on the website, just in case. We need to stay as flexible as we can these days. So, do have a look what this amazing game changing retreat offers you.


If you are not a native Dutch speaker and you still would like a reading by Adara in English over Zoom, mail and let’s see what I can do for you. My schedule is pretty busy most of the time, but who knows. Sometimes there is just that odd spot with your name written all over it.

If you contact me, please already let me know what type of chart reading you want. For instance:

  • Birth chart (native chart) – €99 (1h)
  • Birth chart + solar reading (native + year horoscope) – €169 (1,45h)
  • Birth chart + transits reading (native + current position of the stars) – €169 (1,45h)

A solar is more apt in the months closer to your birthday. Birth chart and Transits can be done at any time.

If you already visited me before and I already did your birth chart, you can order just a solar or transits (each €130, 1,5h).


This is work in progress and more items will be added to the blog as we speak. You can also read a beautiful series on the signs of the zodiak in English that I started on Instagram. I began writing in Taurus season and hope to feature the complete circle on the English pages of the blog as well any time soon.