ASTRO SUMMER RETREAT in Ireland (English)

Basic Astrology Course from 20-22 August 2021: CANCELED

The Astro Summer Retreat has been canceled. Send an email to if you want to stay tuned for next edition in 2022.

Are you ready to ignite your spring energy? Fancy a unique combination of a long weekend break, studying astrology, practicing yoga, indulging yourself with homemade vegetarian food, enjoying some me-time, walking in nature and swimming in Sli Na Bande’s ecological pond?

On this beautiful ecological estate in Ireland, you will learn the meaning of the planets, the Ascendant (the energy by which you present yourself to the world), and the Midheaven (your career, fate or destiny) in your own horoscope.

You will learn how the astrological houses and zodiac signs influence the planets and shape your personality. Just by looking at these celestial bodies and some other significant points in the universe we can already arrive at a general idea about our astro persona. Starting with yours.

Classes are in English. A basic understanding of the language will do. And don’t worry, we can always translate the odd word into Dutch or French if necessary. You don’t need to know about astrology at all as this is a beginner’s course. 

For the Dutch online training, please turn to the Dutch programme.

Covid-19 remark

Because of the pandemic we tuned the Astro Spring Retreat in March into a Summer edition this August. We believe the cosmos supports this moment way better as most people will have been vaccinated by then. Travelling will become easier as well. 

We do our best to make your stay corona proof. I would advise you not to book your flight until we have more information on the evolution of covid in Europe. Also, we need a minimum of 8 people for the course to take place. The course will be cancelled if we have less participants. I will keep you posted via email.

Cancellation policy

  • If you are enrolled, but can’t come last minute because you are covid positive or for whatever other reason, there is no refund.
  • You will receive half a refund if you are enrolled, but change your mind not to come before 20 July (+4 weeks ahead). After that time there is no refund.
  • If Marlene and I need to cancel the retreat for whatever reason, you will get a full refund. 

The classes at the retreat are a mixture of  

  • theory (in clear and simple words),
  • clarification of the signs of the zodiac, the elements and the houses in a horoscope, 
  • the aspects or connections between planets, 
  • examples and exercises in small groups based on your own and fellow students’ horoscopes, to learn how to read the ‘story’ in the seemingly complex interpretation of a planet in a zodiac sign and a house. 

After the retreat you are able to

  • identify all the planets,
  • locate the Ascendant and Midheaven in a horoscope,
  • explain the meaning of these celestial bodies in their sign and element (eg. Sun in Aries, fire sign),
  • combine this information with the meaning of the house the planets are located in (eg. Sun in House 4),
  • unravel the planets’ way of co-operating: in a harmonious or disharmonious aspect
  • understand this in your own horoscope with help of the syllabus
  • repeat these steps using a “Mystery Horoscope” in the closing practice class
  • do the same with horoscopes of friends and family at home

After this weekend, you’ll be fully equipped to play around and experiment with this newly acquired knowledge of basic astrology. This way you can start taking your first steps in this wonderful and magical world of the heavens. 

For whom? 

– this is a beginner’s course
– no knowledge of astrology is required. We start from scratch.
– different nationalities from Europe (Ireland, England, Belgium, The Netherlands, …)
– starting 8 people (max 15)

Price for the weekend (starting Friday at noon 20 August, until Sunday afternoon 22 August 2021)

The weekend is extended with half a day so we have more time to work on your own horoscope and a Mystery chart. We will start Friday at noon instead of Friday evening.

– €345 for a shared room with ensuite bathroom
– €395 for a single room with ensuite bathroom

Included in the accommodation

  • a room for 2 nights
  • 7 home-made vegetarian meals
  • minimum 2 yoga lessons
  • use of the hot tub
  • use of the ecological swimming pond

Remark: for allergic or other than dairy, gluten or weat free dietary requirements, a supplement of €50 will be charged on the spot as all food is homemade with love and bought locally.

Included in the course

  • the astro classes
  • exercises (+10 pages)
  • syllabus (+40 pages)
  • cheat sheets of planets, signs and houses
  • print of your own horoscope
  • print of the ‘Mystery Chart’

Not included

Transport tips & deals

Aer Lingus ‘30% off deals’ to Ireland (for booking until end of January): fly from €65,99 single fair
Ryanair deals to Ireland: Brussels Zaventem-Dublin: fly from €33,99 single fair
detailed route description to Slí Na Bande (transport around €40 two-way)

Estimated total for the 3-day weekend

In between €459 and €555

What previous groups say about the Astro Retreat 

  • “Astrology with Nele is empowering rather than scary. Knowing information that Nele has provided me with has allowed me to feel more safe in the world and to understand myself.” Louise, 29 years old, Greystones, Ireland
  • “What really impressed me is Nele’s talent to explain complex things in a very structural and comprehensible way.” Marlene, 64, Newtownmountkennedy, Ireland
  • “It felt like I got ‘the key’ as to what drives people. It was so helpful in understanding some human dynamics in my own relationships and my own behaviour as well.” Astrid, 31, Waasmunster, Belgium
  • “The 3-day ‘Introduction to Astrology’ workshop (…) was truly a transformative experience. Astrology can be an important tool for heightening our awareness on how to become the best version of ourselves. Aside from the astrology, the setting of Slí na Bandé was incredible with all meals prepared from mostly local organic food grown onsite, cosy cabins, nearby woods and fantastic people.” Meadhbh, 31, Brussels, Belgium


– a basic knowledge of English
– pen and paper
– birth details of your own horoscope (date, hour and time of birth) or the horoscope you want to practice with

Trainer astrology: Nele from Adara, +25 years astrologer, trained by self-study from mother to daughter, years of classes in a study group with fellow astrologers and +10 years of professional experience with Adara.

Yoga teacher: Marlene ffrench Mullen, exceptional yoga teacher since 1990 and psychoanalyst 

Location: Slì Na Bande, Newtownmountkennedy, County Wicklow, Ireland.

Hope to see you in Ireland!

Nele and Marlene