Capricorn Season | 22.01 – 19.01

Hail conscientious Capricorn! You are the last earth sign, after Taurus and Virgo, making you the queen architect of societal structures. Practical as shit, productive as shit and efficient as shit when you need to. Hard working, persevering, ambitious and a true workaholic in most cases, you make plans only to execute them. You are a true life designer.

Apart from your calling to play an important role in the public world, you too are a provider, like nurturing Cancer (your opposite sister sign). However, you are oriented more towards the societal ladder.

A born leader, like Leo, but on a different note, since the signs of the zodiac evolve and build on one another. With Sag introducing an awareness of ‘we/us’ in society (which is not yet owned by self-oriented Leo), Cap is trying to bring some structure to this idea, by literally building structures, shaping rules, making laws to ensure the big civil, political and economic wheel keeps on turning.

Dear Capricorn, your sense of accountability is unseen. You are a ‘man of the world’ (excuse my sexist proverb), you have seen places and you know your stuff, either through life experience, from birth or through previous incarnations.

No sign carries more universal wisdom than yours, sage Seagoat. You honour winter time by reinstating ancient rituals and sacred festivities to celebrate Winter solstice’s light trickling back in to kick darkness out.

It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it.

Decent, competent, responsible, wise, you are a fantastic consultant, adviser, counsellor, politician, manager or self-employed lady boss. You will more than once take the lead unsolicited. You can’t help your principal value system and moral urge to turn public and group issues into personal ones (cf idea of ‘we/us’ awareness). What matters to the group, matters to you. It’s a hard job, but someone’s got to do it, could be your motto.

You lighten up when people ask for your wise advise. At the same time you need freedom to decide which third world problems deserve your attention.

Stern Cap is not a spontaneous sign. You might come across as a little sturdy, clumsy or overly serious. You will not often be the life of the party (look at other placements if this is not true for you), as you are an introverted sign, keeping much of her own feelings to herself.

Independent as she is, Cap is convinced she can only count on herself. Little people know she is as emotionally vulnerable as Cancer, but she hides it tremendously well (fellow earth sign Virgo is a queen in this too, remember?). Want to know what a Cap is actually feeling? Start rolling up your sleeves, because you will have to drag it out of her. If she’ll let you.

Little people know she is as emotionally vulnerable as Cancer.

Like Cancer, Cap can be moody, stubborn, cynical or suspicious as hell, when she is not feeling respected, when her talents and best intentions are questioned, when she is not in control, or when she is criticised.

Professional Cap, you feel best in a conformist and structured environment where you know what’s up next. You don’t like last minute changes. In fact, you are not fond of change at all. You prefer to preserve everything that is known and familiar to you. Status quo is your safe house.

Economical Cap knows the value of money only too well. She locates every bargain and will seldomly overspend. However, this does not count when it comes to buying gifts for her friends and family. She is a real giver and spoils others with her hard-earned dollars.

The most important Cap in my life is my daughter. She was born an adult, so wise. Have a look at her professional Instagram blog @brightandbubbly_blog at nearly 15 years old. I’m so lucky to have loads of Cap friends as well. I love them to pieces.