Aquarius Season | 20.01 – 18.02

Dear ‘queer’ Aquarius, as you are sometimes called. As ‘eccentric’, ‘unconventional’ or ‘different’ you may be in either looks, behaviour or thoughts, you sure are a loyal friend who always wants to connect with other people, soulmates preferably.

You love groups and associations, yet often feel ‘the odd one out’. It’s hard to want to be normal and to embrace your peculiarities at the same time.

So, (be)come as you are, my beloved Aqua boys and girls. Your uniqueness is precisely the reason why you are here. Don’t withhold your eccentricities and special gifts. F*ck normality.  It’s your Age to shine, Aquarius.

“Be yourself. Everyone else has been taken.” Oscar Wilde

Gifted with the talent of communication, you are the last air sign after Gemini and Libra and the one but last sign of the zodiac before Pisces. In the evolution of the signs you are the last sign with an awareness of the self.

Pisces is all about the others and the collective. But you, philanthropist Aqua, you are here to even the path for Pisces. Your mission is to promote the welfare of others combining your strong sense of individuality and independence with a strong we/us-awareness.

Not necessarily social, but always good with people.

A people lover in heart and soul, you use your intellect to conceive of special and brilliant ideas. ‘Strokes’ of genius, they say. Electrical, often unseen, out-of-the-box, like only Aquarians master.

Your original, futuristic ideas fuel your highest cosmic vision of establishing ‘an ideal society’. A utopic world where everyone is treated equally, with friendliness and as a free spirit.

A principled rebel for personal and collective freedom and voicing your truth, a revolutionary soul for a world in evolution. Never too shy to challenge the status quo or pinch that ostrich’s tail to make him see.

With your curious little eyes alertly pointing to the future, your senses are aroused by innovative, scientific and technical inventions. Experimenting and new ways of doing things for the better, get your mojo working.

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” Eleonor Roosevelt.

Your over-active mind can cause restlessness or distraction, possibly harming your physical nervous system when the ride become too tense. Winding down fully and genuinely grounding is hard for you. Yoga, mindfulness and long walks will do you good.

Still, always seeing the better way in everything or in every person, may lead to frustration in both yourself and others. Sometimes, people have just had it with your pedantry, even though you intend so well. It makes you sad, when you are being misunderstood.

Wise Waterbearer, you are most comfortable on the shore of your and others’ emotions. You pour your jar of ancient sageness and knowledge for rituals over the people, which gives you a superb ‘outside in‘ rational intuition. However, you hate being immersed in emotions.

You tend to dissociate from too emotional stuff. You can get so overwhelmed, that you fear you might lose yourself in the process. To cope, you prefer to turn to your uniquely wired brain to understand and grasp the world around you. Which never really works with feelings, sadly.

If you give me freedom, I will give you loyalty.

Your intellect is your safety net. Still, learning healthy coping mechanisms to sit with all the feels in safety, will make you a less whimsical person (says this smarty-ass Aquarian based on own experience).

Astounding Aquarius, you adore the element of surprise, you don’t do well with routines as you like movement and the occasional poking too much. As an observer you see things that other zodiac signs do not see. So, please keep trickling your unique views and insights onto humanity and society. But ask for a mandate first.

You have astonishing times ahead of you. 2021 will be your year as we are transiting the Age of Aquarius more and more with every minute. Use it well!