Pisces Season | 19.02 – 20.03

Precious Pisces, with your star sign we have arrived at the end of the zodiac cycle – only to rebegin. With you, the evolution of awareness from the Aries Ego over the Libra Other to the Pisces Collective is complete.

Selfless, compassionate, tolerant, kind, peaceful, dreamy, bohemian, romantic, soft, artistic, altruistic, gentle, creative, visionary, sympathetic, musical, emotional, highly sensitive, spiritual, … these are just a few of the wonderful qualities of the last of the Water signs (after Cancer and Scorpio).

Pisces, you are known for your outstanding intuition. You feel when something is up. You have such strong premonition. Like the elephants who moved to higher and safer places minutes before the surprise tsunami in Thailand in 2004.

My great aunt is Pisces. She dreamt about 9-11 a few days before the drama happened. She was horrified when she saw every single detail unfold for real, live on television. True story.

Sweet Pisces, your ultimate ambition is to love and be loved. You ARE love.

Sweet Pisces, you have this unique ability to deep dive into the streams of the collective whole. You pick up delicate signals and tendencies in the undercurrents of space and time. Steve Jobs was a visionary Pisces like that. He just sensed in advance when a product would turn out a best-selling hit.

Your ultimate ambition, double fish, is to love and to be loved. You ARE love. You strive for union and synergy with the other. Becoming the other. Two hearts, one soul. Which often leads to disappointment when putting your loved ones on an illusionary pedestal. Just remember you don’t always see their true face. Ask your oldest and most trusted friends for a second opinion when in doubt.

This desire to unify is precisely why setting boundaries is a core theme for you, charitable Pisces. Always helping out others first, you neglect and forget yourself in this mix only too often. You will drain yourself in doing so, selflessly bestowing every lover, beggar or rescue animal with your last breath and penny.

A lot of the music I write is about love. Sometimes I won’t understand how I am feeling until I write a song about it. – Camila Cabello (Pisces)

So be careful of people taking advantage of your limitless kindness. You are so compassionate, yet YOU matter too (said the ‘all people are equal’ Aquarius). Not keen on a row or a fight, you often sacrifice yourself for the bigger whole, covering the issues at hand with the cloak of love.

I wish for you to keep a little loving for yourself and avoid being too liquid in your energy and boundaries. Instead, integrate a zest of Aries’ firmness, your next challenge in the evolutionary zodiac, and learn to say a peaceful ‘no’.

The minute you learn to love yourself, you won’t want to be anyone else. – Rihanna (Pisces)

Another theme at play is discerning reality from fantasy. A daydreamer from early childhood, you probably enjoyed your fantasies playing with your imaginary friend. Which reminds me of the great ‘Calvin and Hobbes’ comic books. It also makes sublime artists and film makers, though.

Other escape routes can result in both healthy or unhealthy habits (take your total chart in consideration to find out). If you are susceptible for addictions, try and trade unwholesome ones (like alcohol, smoking, drugs, anorexia, depression, self-abuse, toxic sex or harmful relationships) for beneficial habits like yoga, meditation, silent walks, sports, nutritional foods, photography, scenario-writing, graphic novel writing, illustration, music, arts, etc.

Just don’t replace one bad one with a worse one. I know Pisces who successfully quit smoking and started drinking instead.

Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world. – Albert Einstein (Pisces)

Chaotic Pisces, you have an introverted character. Smoothly blending in like ink in water, you are anything but the obnoxious party pacemaker. You have a veil of mystery around you, attracting people like a moth to a flame, and at the same time giving people a hard time reading you.

Sometimes you yourself are the instigator for intrigue, enigma and chaos, though. Using manipulation, deception, passive aggressiveness or ambiguity in your favour. Whoever thinks that Pisces are weak, is ever so wrong.

You can get things done, but you just don’t always use the standard out-in-the-open channels for it. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes it’s much smarter if you know which chords to pull.

Home to both the physical and metaphysical world, your highly refined senses can shoot you into the paranormal realms in no time. Often, Pisces ‘see’ more than other signs do. Hence, they make great tarot readers, shamans, and mediums. Your paranormal gifts arise from your fluid nature with boundaries, allowing you to tap into collective energy bulletins or receive information from deceased loved ones on ‘the other side’ easily.

I have always been fond of recognizing the spiritual side of someone’s personality. It’s a very lovely concept. –Drew Barrymore (Pisces)

Finally, Pisces rules the feet and the hands. So you will also find many beauticians, hand palm readers and foot reflexologists among them. Pastels make out their dreamy colour palette.

Pisces’ old ruler is idealistic Jupiter. Its modern ruler is oceanic Neptune. Are you Pisces? Where are your Pisces placements? I have no planets in Pisces. But the fish are on the cusp of 7. My Neptune is in Sag in House 4 and Jupiter in Gemini in 10.