Pisces Season | 19.02 – 20.03

Precious Pisces, with your star sign we have arrived at the end of the zodiac cycle – only to rebegin. With you, the evolution of awareness from the Aries Ego over the Libra Other to the Pisces Collective is complete. Selfless, compassionate, tolerant, kind, peaceful, dreamy, bohemian, romantic, soft, artistic, altruistic, gentle, creative, visionary, sympathetic, … Read more

Energierapport voor september 2020

Wat schuift er deze maand aan de hemel? 2 sep: Volle Maan in Vissen 3 sep: Venus vierkant Mars 7 sep: Venus naar Leeuw 9 sep: Mars retrograde in Ram (tot 14 november) 14 sep: Jupiter direct 22 sep: Zon naar Weegschaal 26 sep: Mars vierkant Saturnus 30 sep: Saturnus direct Waar augustus sommigen astrologisch … Read more