Over hoe astrologie werkt bij Anja Daems op Radio 2

Op 24 juni was ik te gast bij Anja Daems van De Madammen op Radio 2. Hoe geraak je into astrologie? En hoe kan de stand van de planeten nu iets zeggen over je karakter? En geloof je dat, of is het onzin? Astrologie covert niet alleen je sterrenbeeld (het teken waar de zon in … Read more

Pisces Season | 19.02 – 20.03

Precious Pisces, with your star sign we have arrived at the end of the zodiac cycle – only to rebegin. With you, the evolution of awareness from the Aries Ego over the Libra Other to the Pisces Collective is complete. Selfless, compassionate, tolerant, kind, peaceful, dreamy, bohemian, romantic, soft, artistic, altruistic, gentle, creative, visionary, sympathetic, … Read more

Sag Season | 22.11 – 21.12

Even the entire globe is too small a stage for you, adventurous Sag! With your purposeful arrow you aim for the Moon, reach for the stars and land somewhere beyond the galaxy. Your brave and tameless soul illustrates how infinite your dreams and possibilities are. Even the sky is not the limit. Optimistic Sagittarius is … Read more

Scorpio Season | 22.10 – 21.11

With Scorpio, we deep dive into the river Stix, to cleanse our souls from all toxins and redeem old skins for new ones. Stingy Scorpio is the second water sign after Sensitive Cancer. On the surface, Scorpio may look like the most rational of all water signs. But Scorpio’s inner waters are intense, tumultuous and … Read more

Libra Season | 23.09 – 22.10

As the righteous lady with the balancing scales rises, night time starts to outlast day time, officially announcing autumn. Lady Libra is the 2nd air sign after witty Gemini, bringing impartiality, intelligence, harmony and diplomacy to the world. It’s the 7th star sign in the zodiac, complementing opposing ‘cavalier seule’ Aries. Libra, your vocation is … Read more

Virgo Season | 23.08 – 22.09

With the sign of Virgo we are nearing autumn. It’s indian summertime, nights get colder. The sun gives off less heat due to shorter daytime radiance. My graceful lady, you are the second earth sign after Taurus, bringing you glorious zeal, refined elegance, and down-to-earth soberness. You are the epitome of purity, your ultimate intention … Read more

Leo Season | 23.07 – 22.08

Welcome fierce, big-hearted, ferocious Leo! This is your time to shine endlessly and take front stage remorselessly. You are the second fire sign after Aries, bringing you strong intuition, active energy and wonderful drive. Partly reigning July and August, we are now at the peak of summer, harvesting the wonderful crops we have been nurturing … Read more

Cancer Season | 20.06 – 22.07

Welcome home, Cancer. You are the first water sign in the zodiac and the first sign of summer. Once more a new and sensitive beginning of a whole new season of blossoming. Little seeds have hatched over spring time. Delicate plants are giving it all their might. Now it’s time to water and nurse what … Read more

Gemini Season | 20.05 – 19.06

Laugh! Dance! Write! Read! Speak! Learn!Exchange! Do everything! Who is Gemini here? Gemini is the first AIR sign in the zodiac. The twins are the last sign of the three Spring signs (Aries, Taurus and Gemini), marking the transition to carefree Summer by the sign of Cancer. What energies to expect during Gemini season? – … Read more