Scorpio Season | 22.10 – 21.11

With Scorpio, we deep dive into the river Stix, to cleanse our souls from all toxins and redeem old skins for new ones.

Stingy Scorpio is the second water sign after Sensitive Cancer. On the surface, Scorpio may look like the most rational of all water signs. But Scorpio’s inner waters are intense, tumultuous and passionate. It intuitively knows what stirs under the water line of our collective unconscious.

Halloween, Samhain and Dias de los Muertos are heralding lost souls and dead spirits, but you will not be scared now. About time to invite your shadows for high tea during this marvellous transformative season. You are looking for truth, consistency and integrity.

Thanksgiving is waiting for you in November. Are your ready to forgive others, Scorpio? Are you ready to forgive yourself? No need to forget, as this is not your strong point. Just try and stay away from authoritative judgement or sweet vengeance.

Your ambition and hunger for power is magnetic. So is honouring your principles, your sincere sense for justice, and your amazing sixth sense.

On top of that, you have native psychological and therapeutic abilities. You read others like an open book due to your sincere interest in other’s intentions. However, you remain a mystery for everyone else as you are so keen on your privacy.

Take pride in your charismatic personality, impenetrable Scorpio. You are an enigmatic sexual being and temptress. For others to get a grip on your inner motives is nearly impossible.

Your sometimes possessive love for partners and friends goes deep too. You are most generous and loyal towards them. At the same time you can also be cruel and cold hearted to whoever tries to double cross you or your friends.

Truth seeker in heart and soul, you will be the first to cut the bullshit, see through schemes, intrigue, dishonesty, abuse of power and taboos. You go beyond what is real or tangible, and delve deeper into twilight zones, occultism, tarot and astrology to find existential answers.

You have a tendency to test your friends to see if they remain true to their value systems. If they don’t, or you feel thwarted or disrespected, you can treat them as superficial, or worse: cut ties and never see them again in your life.

Your talent to go deeper and examine everything to the bone, makes you a superb private detective, scientist, researcher, psychoanalyst or archaeologist. Criminals and locksmiths are also often born under the constellation of Scorpio.

Moreover, you understand best that death and rebirth are an inherent part of nature and of this life. That’s why professions like taxidermist, undertaker, midwife or palliative caretaker are also great for you to earn a living.

Fascinating Scorpio, you eat transformation and change for breakfast. Teach us! You break down, transform and regenerate. You are able to burn to ashes and rise again like the Phoenix.

Volcanic Pluto is your modern ruler planet, together with Mars (the old ruler). With all that in and outwardly power, this season ultimately is about transcending yourself and the world, Scorpio.

Photo credit: Engin Akyurt from Pixabay