Libra Season | 23.09 – 22.10

As the righteous lady with the balancing scales rises, night time starts to outlast day time, officially announcing autumn.

Lady Libra is the 2nd air sign after witty Gemini, bringing impartiality, intelligence, harmony and diplomacy to the world. It’s the 7th star sign in the zodiac, complementing opposing ‘cavalier seule’ Aries.

Libra, your vocation is to relate. Not just with others, but to yourself. You discover who you truly are by connecting with others. That’s your job. Looking for what you have in common and what sets you apart to grow as an individual.

This zeal makes terrific relation therapists, referees, diplomats and mediators. Your strength is non-violent communication. Your pitfall: covering things up with the cloak of charity and keeping silent for peace. Use your strength to overcome this.

Famous for your indecisiveness, you might irritate friend and foe with your whimsical decision swings. Buy a house today that ticks all the boxes? Mmm, the next second can already turn into a big no no, as sudden as a change of weather.

To you, choosing is losing. But try this: choosing is winning too. It makes life so much simpler to stick to your guns once you’ve made a choice. Explore your resistance and the extremes to recalibrate your inner emotional balance.

Luckily, people can’t possibly stay mad at you. Your natural charm, softness and pleasing friendliness got you covered. You are a social animal, an all-time flirt and ever so fond of intelligent conversations.

Equally appreciated for your fine sense of combining colours and keen eye for proportions, you are a true ‘ton sur ton’ specialist, often a fashionable dresser, talented interior decorator, amazing artist or musician.

However, with your busy mind, always trying to rationalise tough emotions, it’s not easy to find peace of mind. Yoga and meditation help to balance body and mind.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful objects brings you stillness and comfort. But ooh la, this can go with some serious spending! So keep an eye on that financial equilibrium too, sweet Libra.