Leo Season | 23.07 – 22.08

Welcome fierce, big-hearted, ferocious Leo! This is your time to shine endlessly and take front stage remorselessly.

You are the second fire sign after Aries, bringing you strong intuition, active energy and wonderful drive.

Partly reigning July and August, we are now at the peak of summer, harvesting the wonderful crops we have been nurturing and growing.

Leo, you are a natural leader. So, lead the way! You strive for ultimate self-expression. You are one of the most creative, playful, loyal and innocent signs in the zodiac. You have a heart of gold and the talent to authentically connect with children in no time.

Leo lovers, don’t let the Lion king image misguide you. Yes, Leo will always speak up, loud, honest, self-aware and seemingly fearless. But in reality Leo is hiding her insecurity and vulnerability by overacting the leader archetype. What Leo really seeks is that proverbial pat on the back, genuine appreciation, being valued and being seen deeply.

Rather than being egoistic or self-centered, Leo is alertly self-conscious as she needs to manifest herself and needs others to accomplish that with her and for her.

Some Leo’s do not recognise themselves in this pattern. In my experience you will find what I call ‘louder’ and ‘quieter’ Leo’s.

Loud Leo’s can out themselves as true drama queens craving for lead roles center stage, adoring attention and being in love (with love). Just like Cancer they are deeply romantic.

Quiet Leos will much rather avoid all that fuss and will work hard for appreciation in the limelight, where they will shine and be respected equally.

For all of us, Leo season reminds us to show ourselves just as we are, naturally confident and radiant. To have the courage to take up our space. To not let us shrink or play ourselves down, but rather to fully own our ground. To remain generous to ourselves and others.

Just think of Richard the Lion Hearted in Robin Hood, and you’ll know exactly what I mean. Indulge yourself, be wise and stay safe in uncertain times. We need leaders like you!