Cancer Season | 20.06 – 22.07

Welcome home, Cancer. You are the first water sign in the zodiac and the first sign of summer. Once more a new and sensitive beginning of a whole new season of blossoming.

Little seeds have hatched over spring time. Delicate plants are giving it all their might. Now it’s time to water and nurse what needs to grow stronger, but doesn’t bear fruits as of yet. Let’s see what nurturing does to you and your loved ones. What do you have to tend after to make this happen?

After the playful, inquisitive outgoing activities of Gemini season, it’s time to curl up back on the couch again. However busy and inspiring the previous time may have been, we need our loved ones and domestic routines to recharge.

Surround yourself with family, visit the old folks, share stories from the past, organise a romantic dinner for two, or cook for a family gathering, take care of your babies (even if they are already grown up), ‘cause there’s no stopping your motherly feelings right now!

Use your senses, your empathy and innate coaching abilities to help others having a hard time. But don’t drown in their emotions, lovely Cancer, because that’s a little hard for you to discern from time to time. It’s not always your own feelings causing the mood swings. It often is what you pick up in your environment.

Tend to your house now, enjoy it, clean it, rebuild it, change it, do chores to make you feel even more safe and at home. Make your mark on it, like animals mark their territory.

And when you feel safe, look inward, at your inner child. Check its needs, play with it, nurse it, soothe it and love it as if it were your own wonderfully perfect baby.

So yes, Cancer, this season is about taking care of others and also taking care of yourself or being taken care of. You are just so fond of the warmth, coziness and happy feelings of safety and belonging.

This season asks you to re-evaluate the home, the relationship with your parents, and your own children, the place where you live. Do you feel safe? Do you belong?

A great time for a psychological deep dive into your family system and work through some family karma.