Virgo Season | 23.08 – 22.09

With the sign of Virgo we are nearing autumn. It’s indian summertime, nights get colder. The sun gives off less heat due to shorter daytime radiance.

My graceful lady, you are the second earth sign after Taurus, bringing you glorious zeal, refined elegance, and down-to-earth soberness.

You are the epitome of purity, your ultimate intention in life. You strive for virtue through service to others. It doesn’t make you subordinate nor inferior, on the contrary. You will not let others abuse your goodness. Your utilitarian principles will safeguard that.

Virgo is authentic lady boss material. With your practical organised business mind you will not be taken advantage of. You breathe neatness and order.

You are strong, always in control (at least that’s what you make everyone believe. When you are shattered, few will know.) and very much aware of keeping up appearances.

Sensitive to what others think of you, you will not walk out the door untended, as style is your middle name. You are a classy fashion queen, an Audrey Hepburn icon worthy.

However, you are also a perfectionist with great ambition and will not rest until you achieve the highest goals. Your eagle eye for detail meticulously navigates you through any ordeal.

As keen and quick thinker (Mercury is your ruling planet), you love witty interaction, jokes and word play. You adore chats, playful conversation and writing.

Don’t forget to rest, though, dear Virgo, as you are only human too. No need to become superwoman. You already are.

So take care of your nervous system, your obsessions, hypochondria, your inner and outer criticisms. You will know you are doing fine, when your body is ache free. Especially mind your stomach, digestion and thoughts.

It is easily overlooked that Virgo is also a karmic sign that often bears huge physical pains. Remember it’s not your fault. Most of it originated from your past and is allowed to be released in this life.

Tend to natural cures, plants and herbs as your body is such a valuable, indispensable instrument for assessing your health.

Enjoy your season, beautiful Virgo!