De astrologie van de maand mei 2024

De astrologische wervelwind van april is wat gaan liggen. Mei is gelukkig veel rustiger. Toch staan de sterren niet stil. Wat gebeurt er deze maand?   Pluto retrograde (3 mei) Nieuwe maan in Stier (8 mei) Mercurius naar Stier (16 mei) Venus conjunct Uranus (17-19 mei) Zon conjunct Jupiter (17-20 mei) Mars conjunct Noorknoop (17-20 … Read more

Virgo Season | 23.08 – 22.09

With the sign of Virgo we are nearing autumn. It’s indian summertime, nights get colder. The sun gives off less heat due to shorter daytime radiance. My graceful lady, you are the second earth sign after Taurus, bringing you glorious zeal, refined elegance, and down-to-earth soberness. You are the epitome of purity, your ultimate intention … Read more

Gemini Season | 20.05 – 19.06

Laugh! Dance! Write! Read! Speak! Learn!Exchange! Do everything! Who is Gemini here? Gemini is the first AIR sign in the zodiac. The twins are the last sign of the three Spring signs (Aries, Taurus and Gemini), marking the transition to carefree Summer by the sign of Cancer. What energies to expect during Gemini season? – … Read more