Gemini Season | 20.05 – 19.06

Laugh! Dance! Write! Read! Speak! Learn!Exchange! Do everything!

Who is Gemini here?

Gemini is the first AIR sign in the zodiac. The twins are the last sign of the three Spring signs (Aries, Taurus and Gemini), marking the transition to carefree Summer by the sign of Cancer.

What energies to expect during Gemini season?

– busy busy buzz buzz
– lack of concentration
– easily distracted or confused (but: ‘doubt before progress’)
– finding it hard to do nothing
– tsunami of ideas (write them on post-its and save them, there sure is gold in there)
– need for communication and connectedness
– desire for social gatherings or see friends
– wanting everything at the same time
– changing your mind, multiple times
– information gathering
– discovering and trying out new things
– journaling, writing a book or music
– (online) learning
– buying devices to do with communication and connection (speakers, microphone, phones, megaphone, …)
– joking and having fun
– taking life more light-heartedly
– exploring extremes (the twins express opposites or duality)
– wittiness
– rumination
– flexibility
– moving (running, dancing, ashtanga yoga, … )
– giving extra attention to the body (as the mind can go in overdrive)

Mercury is Gemini’s ruler. Make the most of this season for the coming days. From 8 June onwards we are in the shadow zone of the intellectual planet’s retrograde shift.

For Gemini, Virgo and Cancer Sun, Ascendant or Moon people communication will get stuck a second time this year in June and early July (Mercury shifts direction three times this year).

Allow every crazy thought in your idea creation. Don’t overdo yourself physically or exhaust yourself mentally either. Know when to stop and turn silent to recharge.

I will write more on Mercury later. For now, enjoy these frivolous flexible fabulous times! Have fun, sweethearts!