Sag Season | 22.11 – 21.12

Even the entire globe is too small a stage for you, adventurous Sag! With your purposeful arrow you aim for the Moon, reach for the stars and land somewhere beyond the galaxy. Your brave and tameless soul illustrates how infinite your dreams and possibilities are. Even the sky is not the limit.

Optimistic Sagittarius is the third and last fire sign of the zodiac, marking the last season of autumn to prepare for winter. It shares endless enthusiasm and a boldness with fellow lively sisters Aries and Leo.

However, seen in the evolution of the signs, Sag is the first of a quartet with Cap’, Aqua’ and Pisces introducing a rising awareness of the collective. Where Aries is the fire sign that is self-conscious ‘regardless’ of others, and Leo’s self-awareness is ‘above’ others, Sag is the first fire sign to discover its sense of Self ‘amongst’ others.

Both an influencer and a preacher it is your destiny, visionary Sag, to expand the gift of broad mindedness, to widen your horizon and shed all the constricting blinders. Progress and amelioration are your middle names.

Your task is to voice the wisdom you acquired through countless humane and cultural encounters and guide society through it. You are a master of exploration and synthesis, spontaneous Sag, adding a splash of intuition to know which is the best way forward.

Just like your opposite sign Gemini, Sag collects information and knowledge. Except, since Sag is further evolved, you will go extracurricular with it. You will infuse your eclectic wisdom into a beneficial mode of life and pour this recipe over rest of the world.

Some Sags can become quite ardent, convincing, paternalistic or arrogant in sharing their vision, though. These traits, together with a knack for exaggeration and overrating yourself, your energy resources and the scale of your projects, are your only points of attention.

Even though social and outgoing Sag loves people around, she is more interested in their philosophical, cultural, religious, healing and scientific insights. She does not have a permanent or lasting interest in the people she is seeing, which may cause disappointment in the ones who are more into sustainable bonds (think Aqua and Cap).

The ones who don’t join this wild spirit, will be left aside. However, kind-hearted Sag will never treat anyone with contempt or vengeance (she has evolved from Scorpio). Sporty Sag is all about fair-play (she kept that from Libra). After all, avid Sag is one of the most friendly, kind and popular signs of the zodiac. She is my absolute favourite sign!

Photo credit: Jessica Chastain as Merida in Brave © Disney by © Annie Leibowitz