Aries Season | 20.03 – 19.04

Ardent Aries, let’s welcome your season, the organic first of a brand new year. In spring we bring to life what has died or what has disintegrated during Pisces season.

The natural cycle of death, birth and rebirth is reignited through you. The old has transcended into something new. It starts from what looks like scratch. The sheer power in that! Amazing.

What has been dormant, hibernating and recharging over winter, is finally ready to pop out with a big bang. “Harder, better, faster, stronger,” as Daft Punk put it.

Fierce Aries, you are the first sign of the zodiac. With your sign, not just the year, but also the zodiac starts a new evolutionary cycle from ego, over the other, ending with the collective.

Aries is cardinal, which makes you oh so stubborn on bad days, but full of adventurous entrepreneurship on good days. Being the first fire sign it brings you that infectious extraverted enthusiasm on good days, and impatience and restlessness on bad ones.

“I’m a survivor.” Destiny’s Child

The focus of your sign is the ego, the self. We tend to disapprove of egocentric behaviour in our society, so you might not be so happy with this trait.

However, if you are born an Aries, your core being is designed to put itself in the centre of attention and the centre of the world. This is how you operate. There is no good or bad about that. It just is.

Your masculine ego fire allows you to be brave, bold and a pioneer. Lots of ancient explorers were Aries, I’ve been told. So never underestimate the primal power of your sign.

It allows you to draw the line and be clear on boundaries. And it makes you courageous enough to step into a conflict and reclaim what’s yours.

Same old when it comes to using your instincts. Society also tends to look down on what is perceived as ‘primitive behaviour’. It’s your survival instinct that literally keeps you alive. You seem to have a perpetual motor that seldomly breaks down.

“Aries is very WYSIWYG: ‘what you see is what you get’.” Adara

Beyoncé wrote “I’m a survivor” only with you in mind. We need people like you! Nobody would ever succeed in starting something new without your sparkling start-up, ‘let’s do this shit’ mentality.

In the midst of the action is where you feel at home. You prefer to impulsively act rather than cautiously think. That is what your spontaneous and frisky fire does for you.

Sometimes, people might read your being plain forward as being inconsiderate. But the last thing on your mind, is to hurt other people with your big mouth and small heart.

I adore you, zesty Aries, for your brutal and sometimes explosive honesty, your WYSIWYG and for bearing your heart on your sleeve. Aries is very clear in how it feels. You are so expressive you can’t even try to hide it. I like that a lot.

Competitive, battling yourself towards victory, you will also want to conquer every prize at the destination. “Can’t do it,” is not in your dictionary. You hate losing.

Your ruling planet is Mars, the archetype of the warrior. My South node is in Aries and I used to have a lot of Aries friends when I was younger. We still click. What’s your Aries story?