Human Design: successor of Astrology?

During the lockdown period my interest in Human Design fanned the flame. Human Design found its origin in the late eighties as a fairly recent pseudoscience combining astrology (using birth data in a similar way), I Ching, Kabbalah and the Chakras. It was developed by Ra Uru Hu, aka Alan (Robert) Krakower, a Canadian media professional.

Ra is the founder and messenger of the Human Design System. He got an unusual mystical experience in 1987 followed by an encounter with ‘a Voice’. It was said this ‘Voice’ was the mouthpiece of a superior intelligence. During an 8-day encounter he received a massive download of information, which became known as the Human Design System. Two years later, Ra wrote everything down in a book called Rave I’Ching putting down the foundation of Human Design and key to the code of our genetics.

Human Design: what does it bring?

In the beginning, I wasn’t so much into it for the astrology part. At first I even thought: “Okay, yet another tool to categorise people’s characters. Aren’t there enough already? And why would this method be so different?”. Yep, my sceptic Virgo-ascendant was doing great.

But, seriously, Human Design kept fascinating and pulling my curious Mercury in Capricorn. I learned there are 5 types of human designs: Generators, Manifestors, Manifesting Generators, Projectors and Reflectors. Discovered I am a Projector, often guides or coaches to people. This couldn’t be any more just! And from that, everything else started to unfold.

I learned that, unlike the other 3 types, Projectors don’t have an energy centre, or a motor, to turn themselves on. Same goes for Reflectors. I need to work with other people who do have a motor. Moreover, I found myself surrounded by Manifestors in my family life and (Manifesting) Generators in business life. No wonder I felt depleted so often, thinking I needed to keep up with the rest of the producers.

The Projector’s strategy in life consists of waiting. Waiting for an invitation. Waiting for someone else to come with an idea, a plan, a project. For me, it’s my gut feeling that tells me whether I should go through with it or not. Also, I can learn to manifest specific wishful invitations. The hardest part is spening time wisely during the wait, nurturing myself (to recharge) and having fun.

My first Human Design Reading

After a much recommended Human Design reading with @Marije.Elles (see Insta) more HD-information fuelled my knowledge about myself. Things I already knew and felt, but were now put to words. Everything wonderfully fell into place. It even added a dimension to astrology in that it ‘cought’ the source for my sensitive energy metabolism, which is not so obvious from my astro chart at first glance (which I have figured out in the mean time by the way).

Still, my knowledge was not satisfied yet. So I ordered Chetan Parkyn’s Human Design: discover the person you were born to be. A tip by Marije. Here I could unravel in more detail the complex system of Human Design to get to know myself more profoundly. Some parts in the book resonate 100%. Other parts I don’t recognise.

This not recognising certain topics might be due to the fact that either these parts may still be unconscious to me, or, that explanations in a book often tend to contradict themselves when not interlaced by a Human Design reader. The same goes for astrology by the way. You need someone to connect the dots and help shape that coherent picture.

I must say, overall, I am impressed with Human Design, which is such a unique mix of blending ancient wisdom in an even more original and unseen system. Yet, I still remain sceptical. Perhaps, because it is so new (max 30 years as opposed to the abut 3000 year old classic Chinese texts of the I Ching that’s being used).

I’m not an early adopter, but I am always an advocate for revolutionary new models, though. If they survive. I will probably not live long enough to witness that. My cautious attitude is not surprising, though, when even my Human Design profile itself calls me a doubting Thomas, lol. Isn’t this great and ironic at the same time?

Human Design: the successor of astrology?

One thing needs to get off my chest, though. Chetan Parkyn claims Human Design is astrology’s natural successor. Something old making way for something new. He says asking someone’s sign will not do anymore, since we will still need to want to know more about that person’s character.

Just stating I’m an Aquarius, for instance, is too limiting. It would imply I am the same as all other Aquarians. To truly know who I am, an in-depth reading with an astrologer is needed. So, to Chetan, astrology is too common, only using 12 signs of the zodiac.

When using Human Design we are combining 64 codons of the human genetic code and 64 hexagrams of the I Ching, he continues. Each of these 64 compartments carries a unique meaning, allowing us to see which characteristics make up our being.

This part is true. However, I disagree with the analogy. Chetan is comparing apples with pears when he levels the 12 signs of the zodiac with these 64 compartments. To me it feels more true to put the 5 Human Design Types I mentioned above on the same ‘height’ as the 12 astrological signs. For instance, saying I am an Aquarius in astrology, would be like saying I am a Projector. And we all know I am not like all Projectors. We still need more info. So, this does not put Human Design in favour of astrology.

However, I do subscribe that a lot of extra information can be derived from sharing your Type (e.g. Projector) combined with your Authority (e.g. Splenic) and Profile (e.g. 4/6) at a first glance. In astrology we arrive at the same point (more or less) when sharing our astro persona or our big three: I am an Aquarius Sun in house 6, Libra Moon in house 2 and an Ascendant Virgo, though.

My conclusions so far

As I am really new to all of this, I am curious to learn how other astrologers plot Human Design to astrology. I am still curious to spit out the link with the heavenly bodies in Human Design and the relationship of source from astrology more in-depth as this was not explained in Chetan’s book. So, tips to deep dive further are very welcome.

My intention when looking at Human Design is to try to dot the i’s and find its rightuous place, as this is such a recent, innovative (and very Aquarian by the way) and intriguing discipline. Let’s just say my Mercury ruler loves to ponder about these things (Human Design confirms this through my defined crown and mind center, hehe). So please note I’m not afraid to hear other voices on this matter. We are here to learn!

To wrap this article up, I must conclude with utmost respect that Human Design is a most valuable tool to get to know yourself as it touches on complementary energetic information we do not always receive so easily from our astro chart. This also goes the other way around, off course. Astrology adds on Human Design. A Sagittarius Projector is not the same as an Aquarius Projector, if you know what I mean. Similarly, an Aquarius Projector is not the same as an Aquarius Generator.

To me, astrology and Human Design remain two beautifully useful pseudoscientific disciplines next to each other. One building on the other and adding even more ancient cultural wisdom. But to state that Human Design (newly born in 1987) is the successor of astrology, an ancient heavenly discipline that’s been practised for almost 4.500 years worldwide? Naaah, I don’t think so. Well, not so soon anyway. So, … let’s wait and see, said doubtful Thomas 😉

Warm tips

Make sure, though, if you want your Human Design or horoscope read, you find yourself a sincere guide for a coherent and rich image. Below, you can generate your own chart online for starters, or begin your journey in HD online.


  • Human Design: The Definitive Book of Human Design, The Science of Differentiation by Ra Uru Hu, by Lynda Bunnell
  • Human Design: discover the person you were born to be, by Chetan Parkyn


Photo by Vince Fleming on Unsplash